My favourite movie of 2016


I know that it looks like I am just suffering from a huge case of recency, but I have to say that Arrival was the best movie I saw in 2016. You recommended it to me and told me it was Vonnegut-y. That was enough to get me in the theatre (I really love Kurt Vonnegut). It has been more than a week since I saw it and I still cannot shake the “in awe” feeling.

This movie was so good! Seriously. I need to watch it a few more times, but I think it is a contender to become one of my all-time favourites. Yes, I am still in that period where I am reeling and in wonder. But I think it is still a sound judgement. It is one of those rare movies that catches you off guard and is somehow what you expected and not what you expected at the same time. When you told me it was Vonnegut-y, I knew that meant it had aliens but wasn’t scary. I also had a feeling it would have something to do with time. You know that I love Slaughterhouse Five and that the reason I love it is because of how the Tralfamadorians talk about time.

I was sitting in the movie theatre about half way through the movie and I started wondering why I automatically assumed those things from you telling me it reminded you of Vonnegut. I realized that the only Vonnegut’s that I was sure you had read were Slaughterhouse Five and Galapagos. And I realized that Galapagos, while it was completely different from the aliens and time concept of Slaughterhouse Five, still dealt with time in a abnormal and uniquely Vonnegut way.

I would go into more detail about the movie, but I really don’t want to wreck it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. It is one of those movies where the first time you see it is almost magical. The movie will be amazing to rewatch, but you only get to see it for the first time once. It was such a beautiful thing that I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But I will talk about some non-plot things. Usually I am not one to get all, “mmhm yes, the colours and the soundtrack were so beautiful.” But seriously, “THE COLOURS AND THE SOUNDTRACK WERE SO BEAUTIFUL.” I don’t really know what I am describing when I say the “colours” but THE COLOURS! And the cinematography. Everything was so beautiful and misty and just beautiful. Please stop making me try to describe things I don’t know much about and just take my word for it and go and see this movie.

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