People, Places, and Things.

A quick side note about my last post: sometimes I don’t like talking about things that I feel strongly about or that I really like. I’m afraid that one of two things will happen. The person will not like it and then tell me why they don’t like it and I will see it in a new light and like it less. Or simply the act of telling someone will break the spell and I will see it differently or feel like it is less “mine” and therefore like it less. So the fact that I wrote you such an honest thing about how Celeste and Jesse Forever makes me feel is kind of a big deal. I hope you do watch it. But if you don’t like it, I’m not sure if I want you to tell me. I probably do, but just like it, okay. If the “I can’t believe I’m having a baby and it’s not with you” scene doesn’t make a small part of you die inside, well I guess you are already dead inside, so maybe no harm done.

I have been up to a few fun things the last few weeks. I went to a Shred Kelly/Fred Penner concert with Jocelyn and it was AMAZING. Fred Penner was funny and wonderful and he sang a bunch of his own songs but also did things like cover Joni Mitchell songs. It was interesting to be in an audience filled with adults who were so excited to be seeing a children’s artist play. And then behind us on the dance floor were tables of older parent and grandparent aged people who were equally as excited to see they man their kids grew up listening to. He brought out Shred Kelly to play a song with him. He was great. Shred Kelly was also great. We did learn about the downfalls of concerts that let you take your flimsy cups of beer onto the dance floor. We spent a good amount of time dodging beer and managed to only get spilled on once or twice.

We met Fred Penner! Also since this is a portrait oriented photo instead of landscape oriented one, the blog made it HUGE! But I think it’s hilarious so I left it

We had a stellar time. It snowed like crazy the whole concert and by the time we left there was six inches of snow on top of sheer ice. We were totally fine until we got to Jocelyn’s grandma’s driveway. It was 2:30 am and we got completely stuck on the street just outside her house. It was both hilarious and annoying. But Jocelyn is a beast and pushed us out. I also found my new favourite coffee shop in Fernie. It is called the Valley Social and it is the coolest place ever. It was a really great weekend.

Last weekend I went to the Fernie Mountain Film Festival with Ginny. I thought I was going to write a whole blog post about that, but I don’t really feel like it anymore. It was great though! There were a couple of really great films. There were also a few that I found really annoying. I felt like they were just dudes being like “look how great I am, watch this video of me doing cool stuff, listen to me tell you how awesome I am.” But the good ones were really good. There was one called Triggered that was made up at the Fernie Ski Hill. It was only like 20 minutes or something, but I could have watched a whole hour about how they do avalanche control up there and not gotten bored. You can actually watch the whole  thing on YouTube hereMira was about a girl from Nepal who became an internationally competitive mountain runner. It was very good. Shift was about a group of indigenous people in the Yukon who started building mountain bike trails on their land and transformed their community into a world class mountain bike destination.

Probably my favourite one though, was called Locked In. It was about a group of kayakers who did the first descent of the Beriman River in Papua New Guinea. It is a super remote gorge that had cliffs up to 4000 feet high on either side of the river. There were 13 gorges they needed to pass and when they went over their route in a helicopter there were parts of the river they couldn’t even see. Once they dropped into the first gorge there was no way off of the river except to go down. There was no chance of a rescue should someone get hurt and no way to get out if they came across something they couldn’t pass. It was CRAZY, here is a sort of trailer for it. It is worth a watch.

This weekend I finally went to the Kimberley City Bakery. Which is the bakery I found out about around two weeks ago. The baker there has a peanut allergy that is more severe than mine. Everything in the entire bakery is peanut-free. They do make stuff with other nuts, but they are always made after all the non-nut stuff is done and they are careful to make sure the nuts are never processed with peanuts or peanut oil. Imagine if you will: for your whole life, you have never been able to eat at bakeries. You always wish you could, but you have given up hope that it will ever happen. In fact, bakeries kind of make you nervous. You have never been to one that doesn’t make peanut butter cookies and you can usually smell them when you are by the counter. You usually just get a drink while your friends get cinnamon buns or cookies and even then you wonder how careful they are in the kitchen and whether or not someone might have touched a peanut butter cookie and then made your drink. Then you find out that there is a bakery where you can literally eat everything. And on top of that, it is a bakery that prides itself on its “from scratch” baking and makes endless varieties of croissants. The excitement you can imagine you would feel is probably just a fraction of how excited I was when I found out.

I have been there twice this weekend. It is amazing. Here are some photos:




It is my new happy place. So far I have eaten some of their bread, a nanimo bar, a gingersnap cookie, a skor cookie, a regular croissant, a chocolate croissant, a peach and brie croissant, a bigfoot donut, a lamb roll, a baileys and cream donut, a chocolate dipped donut, and a pretzel croissant. They have daily specials and Friday is croissant day. If you ever are feeling like you are in need of a good croissant, come visit me on a Friday and I will take you here.

The only other thing I can think of that happened in the last few weeks is that I had a dream that I was dating Andy Samberg. Which is funny. Although I don’t think it gets to go onto the official celebrity dream list because in the dream he wasn’t actually Andy Samberg, if that makes sense. It’s more like Andy Samberg was playing the character of boyfriend in the production of my dream. Usually in my celebrity dreams the celebrities are themselves and that is part of why the dreams are so funny/awesome. Currently the list includes: Ryan Gosling, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zach Braff, Skylar Astin, Joe from Survivor, Noah Gundersen, and maybe some others but that’s all I can think of right now. Although, I do usually count my Abed dream as a part of the list, and that is a character that Danny Pudi plays, not him being himself. So maybe the Andy Samberg one counts.

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