Decompressing and Reading

Hello Raiah.

I had one goal this past week, and it was: relax. I had my last class of the semester on the 12th, got my final grades back throughout the week, and am now officially halfway to being a Master Librarian. So this week was full-on decompressing. Decompressing which did not include writing an essay for this blog, but did include reading, listening to, and looking at a bunch of interesting things on the interwebz, which I will now present to you.

First things first, a soundtrack for this post. I somehow very quickly got into Lorde, and am stunned that I missed the train back in 2013. Turns out: I love Lorde. And she’s releasing an album this year! Good for you, Lorde. Here’s one of my favorite songs off Pure Heroine 

It’s possible that my Lorde-listening was kicked off by this profile. It’s not quite on the level of that Justin Bieber profile from awhile ago, but it is good.

And now we’ll take a sharp turn away from Lorde and towards martyrdom hysteria. You may have seen this article already, because I posted it to the facebook. I remember hearing about Columbine in 1999, and not really understanding what had happened. It was so horrifying, and I was ten. I also remember the martyrdom mythology that sprang up around Cassie Bernall, and the Michael W. Smith song, and reading the Jesus Freaks books, and losing sleep while wondering if I would be willing to die for my faith at any instant. I read this article and saw so much of my youth in it, even though I was a youth-group-avoider. There were cliques in my church’s youth group and I was a homeschooler with social anxiety. But I still heard the story, still worried over the state of my faith, and was still shocked when I found out that the story about Cassie Bernall isn’t exactly true. The way the narrative of martyrdom in the early 2000’s was sold to me still has an effect on me, and I can see it’s connection to the Satanic Panic in the 80’s, and to the weird “professors/doctors are evil atheists” genre of faith-based movies coming out today.

And now on to horror movies! I a) get scared very easily, b) cannot handle horror movies, and c) am endlessly fascinated by the genre. I will read and read and read about horror, but I get scared and have to distract myself with games on my phone when I watch Jurassic Park. Give me an article about the role of women’s intuition in horror and I will be all over it, plop me down in front of Sunshine and I will suddenly be VERY INTERESTED AND ABSORBED in my embroidery. I regularly read this blog about horror movies, but when I read The Shining I had to turn off the audiobook and get a paper copy or I just would not have done it. It was too scary. I’ve listened to the World War Z audiobook several times over, but had to have at least two other people in the room while watching The Walking Dead (until it fell of the rails and we all said “ugh no thank u” and stopped watching).

Apparently when I need to decompress after a very hard semester what I do is read about martyrs and horror. I also have hilariously unbalanced days: on Thursday I biked across the river and back, did yoga, filed my taxes, went for a post-dinner walk, made two phone calls to strangers, and sorted out some student loan stuff; on Friday I did my hair. It’s been an interesting time.

One thought on “Decompressing and Reading

  1. I read most of the Lorde profile and was interested! I got two paragraphs into the Justin Bieber one and couldn’t go on. I don’t think there is any article in the world that could make me like/be interested in anything to do with him.


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