This post is just going to be a bunch of unrelated anecdotes from the last two weeks.

Please watch/listen to this. Haley got me into Jon Bellion and I found this one take acoustic today and have probably listened to it thirty times already.

I now have a favourite cocktail. My older brother is into/good at making high end cocktails and he has started making them for me when I visit him. Last time I was there he made me a new one. It is called Arsenic and Old Lace and I loved it. It is also a very pretty light purple and because it contains absinthe it kind of looks like someone cracked a metallic gel pen into it. I believe it is made out of gin, vermouth, absinthe, and creme de violette. Apparently it is the most expensive cocktail for him to make, which is too bad because now I want it every time.

I was working an overtime shift at the sawmill with an older guy I had never worked with before. He seemed nice. We were working at the sticks and the belt where we throw the broken sticks stopped moving. I said that I would go down and check it out. (note: when I was on sawmill cleanup, I used to have to clean this room and clear the belt when it jammed up, so I am experienced with the area and this specific belt). I went downstairs and tried to run the belt from the local panel. It wouldn’t run and the drum wouldn’t even spin. (note 2: if the belt is just slipping or something, the drum will spin even though the belt isn’t moving. If the drum isn’t spinning it means that there is a bigger, likely electrical, issue). I came back up and was relaying the issue to this guy. I said, “So it is completely dead, I couldn’t run it from the local” and he cut in and said, “Yeah, but did you push the button? You know, on the panel?” Then he went downstairs to check it out while I stayed upstairs and fumed that he assumed I didn’t know how the belt worked. He cleared some of the sticks jammed under the belt, then came back up and said, “So it is completely dead, I couldn’t make it run, even from the local.” And I said, “Yeah, but did you push the button?”

At the planer this week I walked into the lunchroom at one of my breaks. There was one other guy in there. He decided to start up a conversation with, “So, have you had any good peanut butter and jam sandwiches lately?” I said, “Umm, actually no. I’m super allergic to peanuts.” He said, “Yeah, I know. I talked to your dad and he told me.” It was a super weird interaction. This is the same guy who, when I was leaving to go to Australia the first time, cut into a conversation I was having with another guy and said “She doesn’t want to go to Australia, none of the boys will pay attention to her over there” and then walked away with no further comment.

At basketball this week a guy I don’t super love to play with was on my team and in the first half an hour he stole my sub rotation twice. We had three extra people on my team so there was a reasonable amount of time spent waiting to get back on. And, of course, you go on in the same order you came off. Well, twice this guy skipped the line and went in when it was my turn. I don’t even think he realized he did it. I was super annoyed. The more I thought about it the more I thought, “I should really stand up for myself here. I am the type of person who stands up for herself and tells people when I am annoyed. I am in the right and I should be honest, that is the type of person I am.” I kept telling myself this over and over all night and all the way out to my car on my way home. Even sitting in my car ready to drive home I still was thinking about how I was the type of person who stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to step on people’s toes sometimes.  I should probably add that I never did end up saying a word to him. Apparently that is who I am inside my head, but it hasn’t quite made it all the way out to my actions yet.

I was going for a run from my house. I had my music in and was further up the hill near the edge of town and I felt a little smack on the back of my calf. I jumped and turned around to find a tiny little dog. This little floofer had run up behind me and ultimate punched me in the back of the leg and then rolled onto his back to try and get me to rub his tummy. I stopped and pet him for a minute and then I said, “Okay, time to go home” and he jumped up and ran back to his house. It was precious.

I watched the movie The Skeleton Twins a couple weeks ago. This scene was amazing, please enjoy. I don’t know if you love Bill Hader as much as I do, but you should.

If you loved the Jon Bellion song at the beginning, you should check out this one too. The original of this one is well worth your time, I absolutely love it. But I’m on an acoustic kick today, so here is the acoustic version.

2 thoughts on “Human.

    1. Also, your “did you push the button” comeback is evidence that you are someone who stands up for herself. And it’s hilarious.


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