Some stories from my week.

It has been such a busy week I have put almost no thought into what I would write about for my post. Also I spent the weekend with you so you are pretty much caught up on everything that is going on with me at the moment. But I will just do a quick update and tell some of the best stories from the last few weeks.


I got my hair dyed. It is not hugely different, but the blonde that had grown out mostly to the ends is moved up more into the rest of my hair and it is more of a white/silver blonde. When I went to work after it was done, the only person who noticed/said anything to me about it on the first day was the lady who works at the same job station as me. She told me that my hair looked like her daughter’s horse’s mane.


I was riding my bike last weekend on a trail just outside of Cranbrook. I came up behind a mother and daughter out walking their (unleashed) dog. I slowed down, they heard me coming and moved so I could get by, but at the very last second their small dog decided to make a mad dash across the path and directly in front of my bike. I immediately slammed the brakes to avoid running over the dog; my bike stopped instantly and I very slowly made my way over the handlebars. I was going so slowly that I almost didn’t make it over, I kind of almost came to a stop above my handlebars and then just kind of rolled forward over into a heap. I managed to miss the dog with both my bike and my body. The owners were wide-eyed and apologetic. I told them it was fine. I have a couple pretty nice leg bruises.


A guy on the other shift keeps writing notes on things I have written telling me that I have nice writing and doing weird things like circling all the boxes on the length check forms that have my writing on them and ending his notes with hearts. It is weird and I wish he would stop.


Last weekend I spent Monday in Fernie with Jocelyn and it was absolutely lovely. We went bike riding by the river, we played crib in a coffeeshop, and we ran into Anna and Jeff. It was such a wonderful day and made my weekend feel so much longer and happier. I stayed overnight Monday and drove to work from Fernie on Tuesday. I got at least a full hour more sleep than I get when I go to work from Cranbrook. It was so nice. Instead of getting up at 3:30 am, I got up at 4:45 am. The drive is only like twenty minutes instead of forty five. I’m starting to love Fernie even more than I used to and think that maybe I might want to actually live there.


I got new glasses. These weren’t the frames I was originally supposed to get. There was months of waiting and backordering and then the eye doctor people just forgetting about my original frames. When I finally called them and they looked it all back up my original picks were unavailable. So I came it and found these ones instead. I am very happy with them. They are grey and this is the only picture I have of them. I took it to show them to you after I had just played an hour of basketball and had some seriously gross hair. I should probably just take a new picture where I am not red-faced and greasy, but I am too lazy. Anyways, they are hella cute.



This weekend was a busy one but it was also nice. I am glad I got to see you and we got to spend some time together in person. I was happy to drive you to your makeup trial and I am stoked that a professional is going to do my makeup at the wedding. The venue is still as great as we thought it was the first time. It was a bummer that we spent all that time in traffic and then when we got downtown the tattoo place was closed. That would have been a fun finish to our weekend. But it was still very good. And I got that AMAZING skirt from the thrift store for $4.50, we drank champagne while we watched John Mulaney, and I introduced you to Kevin Pillar’s mad fielding skills. So by all accounts, a good weekend.

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