After feeling like a fraud for many months, I’ve finally started reading again. I’m still extremely behind my goal of finishing 52 books this year, but I finished a book today (The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane) and a book yesterday (My Friend Dahmer), and I’m well into an audiobook which I have 12 days left to finish (Uprooted). Sometimes when I’ve been in an extended slump and need to learn how to pay attention again I’ll glom on to a subject and blaze through a few page turners. This time it’s been witches, although My Friend Dahmer is VERY MUCH not about witches.

A word of advice here. DO NOT finish My Friend Dahmer and then go read Jeffrey Dahmer’s wikipedia page right before you go to sleep. It’s a bad idea! To be honest it’s probably a bad idea to read his wikipedia page at all. It is very detailed and very scary.

I’ve started actually using Goodreads again, and found the cord for my kobo so that I can charge it and load library books onto it, and I’ve been doing all kinds of listening to audiobooks. It’s weird how something I love, reading, can feel like a major chore and a drag. I’ve barely been able to read ten pages at a time for quite awhile, but I think it’s turning around. I’m a bit concerned about actually typing this out, because what if I jinx myself? What if saying “I think I’m finally enjoying reading again” will dump me straight back into the slough of reading-despondency? I’m hopeful that I’m back to a better reading pattern, but I want to be gentle with myself. I’m not going to assign myself War and Peace or something like that. I’ll read about witches for as long as I have to.

I don’t think I’ll have to much longer. The Edmonton Public Library is a positive boon and I have been all over ebooks lately (if any of you reading this don’t have a library card please EXPLAIN YOUR LIFE CHOICES TO ME) and today I added three to my kobo. And none of them are about witches! I may or may not actually read any of them all the way through but I’m feeling good about having them readily available to me. I checked out a YA western, one of JK Rowling’s mystery books that she wrote as Robert Galbraith, and Carrie / Stephen King. I read The Shining a couple years ago and surprisingly did not hate it and maybe a scary book will propel me forward. That’s the idea, anyways.

I’m trying to be very forgiving towards myself with regards to my book choices and whether or not I finish things. I tried to shake myself out of this rut awhile ago by buying The Stranger Beside Me and guess what? An in depth look at Ted Bundy was not the thing to get me reading again. How strange.

Anyways, here’s to reading and to enjoying reading. In the fall I have a class on Canadian children’s literature, so I’ve got a pile of 14 books to read on Josh and my honeymoon, and like half of them are about residential schools. I feel daunted but I also feel that it’s important for me to read about. Anyways, I’ve got a bit longer to read whatever I want without guilt, so bring on the witches.

One thought on “Books

  1. G. Can I get that list of 14 books? I know so little about the residential schools yet live amongst their history daily.
    Thank you!


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