Written Ahead of Time

It is currently the 24th of July, about three weeks before my wedding (?!?!?!!!!), and I realized that it’ll be my turn to write a post the day after I get married (?!?!?!!!!!?!!!?!). My brain has gone into overdrive re: getting used to the idea of being married, and sometimes I feel a bit stunned, but not in a negative way. We started working on our vows, and I had tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. So it goes.

I’ll schedule this post ahead of time, because I’m not going to write something whilst driving to BC with my husband (!!!!!). I’m so glad I get to marry Josh. He is good to me and good for me, and being with him has made me a better person.

On an unrelated note, Kesha has started releasing new songs and videos, and I adore them. I’ve been listening to Praying multiple times a day, and I want everyone to love it as much as I do. Here’s the video (cw for talk of suicide at the beginning, if you don’t want to hear it you can skip to 0:58 when the song starts proper).

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