Celebrity Dreams

So I was for sure supposed to post on Sunday and it is now Friday BUT I was on my honeymoon so I’m going to go ahead and say I get a free pass.

I was trying to decide what to post and thought to myself, “I could tell Raiah about how my lack of spatial awareness caused me to hit myself in the eye so hard that I got a small cut and bruise,” and then I realized that that’s the whole story right there and wow: boring. So I was at a loss. But then I saw you tweet something so I knew you were near your phone and I remembered that I finally had a celebrity dream on par with your celebrity dreams and I was THIS CLOSE to texting you when it hit me: blog post time.

Here’s how the dream went.

I was at a track meet of some kind, in a big field on a hill, having a grand ol’ time. I put my arms up to cheer or something when, oh no, a piece of my wedding ring came off my finger and fell in the long grass. In my dream my ring was extremely ornate.

My dream self immediately went into panic mode and searched the ground around me, only to find about 5 other rings but not the piece of my ring that I absolutely must find. So of course I holler for my brother Elias to stand on the spot while I run to the car and get the metal detector so that I can find my ring. I need someone trustworthy to stand there and mark the spot but Elias won’t cooperate and it is a disaster. My dream self is so mad and distraught. Yelling! Screaming! Crying! Elias is running around like he can’t even hear me! He’s not going to help!

In this moment of distress and need I hear a calm, reassuring, kind voice behind me that says, “I can stand and mark the spot for you.” I turn around and behold: Justin Trudeau has volunteered to help me. At last I can find my ring. Justin Trudeau gives me a warm, respectful hug while Sophie smiles, and I am immediately at peace and wake up.

I know you have had a bad week of the highest order, and I hope that Justin Trudeau and I have brought a glimmer of joy to your day. Before writing this I sat down and read your wedding speech to me, and it once again made me feel loved, cherished, and like I am capable of being a good person. I’m probably going to go back and reread it a bunch in the depths of winter when the dark has got its claws in me. You are such a beautiful and good friend to me, and I want all of the best things in life for you. It’s mushy, but I stand by it: the world is full of love, and I love it. I love you lots.

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