All Blacks Game (or I heart NZ, pt 2).

Last weekend I went to Vancouver with my dad to go to the All Blacks game. It was fantastic and wonderful and I would do it again in a minute. I uploaded a bunch of the photos from my phone that day and have put them in order with captions. So more of a visual story than a written one this time.

This is the weather we woke up to on Friday. It was cold and gross and I was a little bit worried it might affect our flights. But it did not!
Our flight was delayed by 15 minutes though, so preflight snacks were in order.
Most of the flight was spent either looking at views like this, or listening to our hilarious flight attendant tell us stories about her crazy Australian aunt who takes her on crazy adventures whenever she visits. Whitewater rafting, scuba diving, zorbing. It was amazing.
We made it to the SkyTrain.
We are excited.
We really had no plans until the game. Basically just go down to the waterfront and see what there is to do. We decided to hang out in Gastown.
Gastown. (Every time I type Gastown, my computer tries to autocorrect it to Gaston)
Gastown waterfront.
My favourite photo we took. He was very interested in what was going on down on the waterfront and very unaware that I was taking photos of him.
We pretty much just walked around and looked at pretty things.
He is freezing. He thought he would be fine without his jacket, so he left it at the hotel. Bad move.
I wish we had cedars where I live. I like cedar trees. (The tree on the left is a cedar).
We were pretty cold by the time we hit this side of the stadium, but you always gotta take time for Terry. Also, one of those skateboarders had a pretty great wipeout (he was fine though).
I think this is the only photo my dad took with me in it. I stole it from his phone after we got home.
All of this cold weather and walking required some warming up (and we still had a full hour until the gates opened). Good news everyone, Joy tea is back at Starbucks.
Then it was time. Time to put on my jersey in the middle of Starbucks and then head to the stadium.
Our tickets were General Admission and we got there early, so we pretty much had our pick of seats. They weren’t selling any All Blacks merch, just Canadian Rugby stuff. Which is crazy. They had this one scarf for the match that was half Canada, half All Blacks. It was the only things they sold with the All Blacks name. They sold out in like 10 minutes. My dad got one of the very last ones. He was pretty pumped. I’m pretty sure I saw more people in All Blacks jerseys than in Canada ones.
Warm ups.
We were kind of hoping they would be facing the other way for the Haka. It was still pretty cool though.

If you are interested, you can watch the Haka for yourself.

 Also, here are the highlights!

The long story short is that they destroyed Canada. 51-9. I was so excited. I would have actually been a bit upset if Canada had won. Not that they could have. But anyways, I came to watch New Zealand wipe the floor with Canada, and that is what I got. It is maybe the only time I have ever actively rooted against Canada, but I don’t care. I love me some NZ and I’m proud of it. I really need to go back there. 
It was a full and wonderful day. Here is a photo of my dad all tuckered out on the train ride back to the hotel. 

So there is our trip. I have always wanted to see an All Blacks game and it was even better than I thought it would be. Turns out I quite enjoy rugby. Yesterday I live streamed that Maori All Blacks game against the French Barbarians. Yeah, apparently I am an actual rugby fan now. Weird. Anyways, my dad and I had a lovely weekend and now I am once again full of NZ longing. Maybe I should just move there already.