This blog has been a while in the making. It started out as an idea of a way to stay in contact while Raiah was living/working in Australia and Glynis was going to grad school in Edmonton. It would be a cute blog with two separate posters who were sort of communicating with each other and also sort of communicating with anyone who was interested in keeping up with them and what they were doing. We were super excited when we came up with the name “Hello from the other side.” It was perfect.

Then Raiah’s plan of living and working in Australia fell apart when visas failed to come through. The blog idea took a back burner for a while. But despite the fact that whole idea of the blog was based on the idea of being on opposite sides of the world, we couldn’t shake the idea that a dual-authored blog was a great idea.

Even though we aren’t separated by thousands of miles, we are still in different places right now. It has always been a dream of ours to work together on some sort of project like this. So we have decided to keep the name for now and begin this blog. It will grow and change as we figure out what we are good at and what we want this blog to be. But for now it will be simple. It will be friends keeping in touch and sharing their lives with those who wish to stay in touch with us.

Enjoy  🙂