Social Media


We both have our own personal blogs that we have been writing for quite a few years as well as some other social medias. If you are interested, here are some links!


My blog is mostly about books and movies, with the occasional more “serious” post. I love books, I love movies, and I use many gifs. You can find my blog here.

I have twitter, and I use it liberally, but perhaps not judiciously? You decide. You can find it here. I vacillate between thinking I am hilarious and thinking I ought to give up twitter.  I retweet many pictures of cats and dogs.

I also have Instagram, and I may or may not have my account set as private at any given time depending on how I feel about the Internet. You can find it and maybe even see it here.


I think the social media I am best at is Instagram. You can find my Instagram here. It is probably where I share the most and is probably the most up to date if you are really looking to keep up with my life.

I would say I blog most often about books. But I am try to grow a bit more and work on my writing. You can find my blog here.

I have twitter. Mostly just for fun, I’m not really sure about how to be good at it.It is here.